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Federal land management, environmental, and research agencies, along with the nation's universities, share several science-based goals in the 21st century: high-quality science, usable knowledge for resource managers, responsive technical assistance, continuing education, and cost-effective research programs. A network of Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units has been established to achieve these goals. The objectives of the CESU Network are to:

Provide resource managers with high-quality scientific research, technical assistance, and education;
deliver research and technical assistance that is timely, relevant to resource managers, and needed to develop and implement sound adaptive management approaches;
ensure the independence and objectivity of research;
create and maintain effective partnerships among Federal agencies and universities to share resources and expertise;
take full advantage of university resources while benefiting faculty and students;
encourage professional development of Federal scientists; and
manage Federal science resources efficiently.
Each CESU is structured as a working collaboration among federal agencies and universities. CESUs are based at universities and focus on a biogeographic region of the country, as shown below.

CESU Network Regions

The CESU Network is coordinated and provided support by the CESU Council. The Council includes representatives of participating Federal agencies operating under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the CESU Network. A CESU Council Coordinator is elected by the members.

Tom Fish
National Coordinator
1849 C Street NW #2723
Washington, DC 20240
Phone: (202) 208-5972


The CESU Council has established a web site that provides access to a wide range of information about CESUs, including maps of current and planned CESUs; agreements, strategic plans, reports, and activities for current CESUs; schedules for meetings and other activities of the CESU Council; a CESU directory; the CESU Administrative Guide; and materials for current CESU competitions. For more information, please visit the CESU National Network website
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